Among the Living

William Benson’s new lover had everything – wealth, beauty, intelligence. She had also been born four hundred years ago, and she had kidnapped his son.

Chris’s first novel, Among the Living, is available from Amazon, as an ebook or paperback. It’s a hybrid of modern vampire story and a historical novel with a twist. At times erotic, at others sad, it is a cross between The Historian (but Dracula is a woman) and Marc Behm’s cult classic The Eye of the Beholder.

William Benson’s wife is dead, leaving him to bring up his young son alone. When he falls for wealthy, attractive and enigmatic Elizabeth Barlow he thinks his luck has turned. He’s wrong.

Elizabeth’s odd behaviour and a dark secret in her past make Will end the relationship. But Elizabeth comes back to attack him in his home, kidnap his son and disappear. Will thinks things cannot get worse. He’s wrong again.

You can find the book here.